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Rcx (formerly rcloneExplorer) is a file manager for Android using rclone by @ncw. The app was initially written by @kaczmarkiewiczp and is currently maintained by @x0b and other community contributors.

Development History

On march 12, 2018 the first commit was published by kaczmarkiewiczp to GitHub, and a month later, on april 17, the first binary. Development continued at a rapid pace with a new version every few weeks until slowing down in the fall of 2018. In November, development came to a complete stop and kaczmarkiewiczp published no further version.

In August of 2019, x0b, who had previously contributed minor bug fixes started publishing their own build. Development focussed on outstanding issues, especially bug fixes, changes for Android 10 and external storage support via SAF.

In January of 2020, the app was published to the Google Play Store as a private alpha and rebranded as rcx, a rclone file explorer with a stylized t-rex replacing the old logo.