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This release fixes a few inconviences around the new local drives functionality, and a few crashes in various locations. Thanks to all users that reported those crashes.

Fixes in 1.11.1

  • Local drives refreshing when nothing changed
  • Local drives not cleaning up properly
  • Renamed and generated remote names
  • OAuth flag missing for Dropbox, Jottacloud and
  • SD card SAF access errors being ignored
  • Crash when streaming file fails
  • Crash when having local drives enabled
  • Crash when picking files for upload (Huawei only)


Please enable bug reporting in Settings > Logging: “Send anonymous crash reports” (Privacy Policy).

You can also also create a bug report from About > Report a bug which will prefill a new Github issue with technical details like your Android version and CPU architecture. You can then add more information about the issue itself and create a public bug report.

– x0b