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This release fixes more crashes and bugs. I’ve decided stop the rollout of 1.11.2 for everyone and instead immediately replace it with 1.11.3, with even more fixes.

If you experienced a crash in 1.11.1, please enable crash reporting and try to reproduce the crash. I was able to fix some crashes with the limited data Google Play provides, but that data lacks crucial details like error messages and whole-process stacktraces.

I have also added a new page that explains the bug reporting process.

The sudden increase in crash fixes is mainly caused by opening up the beta channel, which lead to a five-fold increase in Google Play users. That means many more and diverse installations and devices, who will stumble upon many more bugs. This is a good thing, because all of you can then enjoy a much more stable app.

Android TV users: I know that the user experience could be better, but we currently just don’t have the manpower for feature requests. For importing config files, there is a workaround.

People with F-Droid knowledge: Our RFP is waiting for a packager - if you know your way around the F-Droid build process, you may be able to speed up things by preparing a PR (“MR” in Gitlab) to F-Droid Data.

Fixes in 1.11.3 (vs. 1.11.2)

  • Crash when selecting “Add Storage” on TVs and other devices
  • Crash when sharing file to rcx contains garbage data
  • Crash when using thumbnails
  • Crash after granting storage permission, part II
  • Crash when navigation gets confused
  • Crash when creating config for meta-remotes

Fixes in 1.11.2 (vs. 1.11.1)

  • Crash after granting storage permission
  • Crash when canceling loading early
  • Crash when importing config on device without ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT
  • Crash when stream is detected as failed
  • Crash when reading circular dependent config
  • Crash reporting not working

This crash was especially mysterious - if you have a complicated setup with remotes referencing other remotes nesting multiple levels, some nested remotes may no longer behave as expected, and I’d like to hear from you.


Please don’t forget to enable bug reporting in Settings > Logging: “Send anonymous crash reports” (Privacy Policy).

– x0b