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This release fixes more crashes and bugs. If you previously had an error with unlocking configs, please look into #58 - we need testers to figure this out permanently.

Also, this release includes a fix for a Lollipop-only (Android 5.0/5.1) crash. This is probably the last Lollipop fix - we will deprecate Lollipop in version 1.12, and will drop support either at the end of 2020 or earlier, if Lollipop experiences more serious bugs.

Lollipop and Marshmallow are already largely untested and draw development time from the other 99.1% of users on newer Android versions. If you have experience with Android development, regularly use the app on one of the affected versions (5.0/5.1/6.0), and are willing to spend a few hours each month on this, then open a new issue to take over legacy maintenance.

Fixes in 1.11.4

  • Crash when sharing file to rcx contains garbage data, part II.
  • Crash when deleting remotes.
  • Crash when opening changelog or license on Android Lollipop.
  • Crash when generating link.
  • VLC not playing audio files.
  • Link, Sync and Download being displayed for local remotes.
  • RCX not working on some 64 Bit ARM devices (#58). This might break again in a future version.


Please don’t forget to enable bug reporting in Settings > Logging: “Send anonymous crash reports” (Privacy Policy).

– x0b